See the famous Software List

Not Free Software:
There will be a separe list for this in the future if I think it’s necessary. I think you can see for this

E61 Software for your Computer
SUPER – a video converter click this to get download
SoonR – awesome data transfer utility, try it
Not Free:
I haven’t really researched these yet…

Software Sites

(software organized by interest – theses are not “Mobile Sites” which are not apps but websites)
Sanuyci’s (most of these apps are on my Software list)
AllAboutSymbian E61 Freeware
(Not free) Software:
AllAboutSymbian All Software (there is alot)
Symtopia (probably the best site – this has it all)
My Symbian Software (also great for this)


If you want themes for your E61 check these sites:

1. has the Greatest selection (I got many of mine from here)

2. This page is probably the Best for Nokia E61 Themes (and S60 3rd Edition Themes in general)

3. Techmundo has the S60 Metal theme that I really like

I’m currently using the Turquoise theme and it’s the Best theme I’ve had, you can get it here.


8 Responses to “Software&Themes”

  1. The Software List is famous « My (and your) E61 Says:

    […] For those newbies here, here is the link straight to The List, but I suggest that you also check out the great Software&Themes page which encompasses a well organized list of great links for Software and Themes, including the link to the awesomly loong Software list. […]

  2. Sanyci Says:

    Thanks for the post!

    …but correct my name “Sanuyci” to Sanyci, please!!!

  3. Daniel Says:

    I am migrating to an E61 from an old SonyEricsson z800i and wish to import all my contacts and calendar posts directly, without Outlook. The reason is because I’ve a lot of old junk info in Outlook, which I rarely use, and I rather just import the more important stuff that’s been kept in the z800i.

    Is there any way to do this?

  4. Colin Says:

    Daniel, I’d create a new outlook profile and sync the z800i with that. You can do it in the Mail item in the control pannel.


  5. Gary VanDyke Says:

    Where can I get a desription of all the tiny icons scattered around an E61 screen?

  6. Marissa Says:

    Hi! I tried clicking the sites you recommended but they don’t seem to exist except for the techmundo. Also can I ask you a question? Cause my brother just handed me a Nokia E61 since he does not need it anymore. I tried downloading themes from Mobile9 and Zedge but they aren’t supported even if the themes were made for this phone, do you have any suggestions?

  7. smeavewegmege Says:

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