The Nokia E61 (and E62) has been reviewed by so many organizations and all of them say the same:

  1. It’s better than Crackberry (Blackberry’s nickname nowadays)
  2. Wi-Fi is awesome

Yeah so if you are thinking about buying a Nokia E61 (or E62 if you live in the US) or maybe you just want to know what others think about your E61/E62 then read the following:

CNET Review of E61

Brighthand’s Review of Nokia E61 (arguably the best PDA review site) note that E61 is 8th most popular PDA!!! ūüôā

ZDNet Review of E61

Phonescoop Review/Tech Specs of E61

Another happy E61 owner reporting on E61

More E61 Reviews

    Cingular and Nokia Introduce E62  (which will be available for Cingular soon) the article

MSNBC Review of E62

Nokia E62 on Engadget


One Response to “Reviews”

  1. Nico Says:


    Just wanted to inform I published a E61 review on my blog:

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