You should post your comments here that are not directly related to any posts.

If you have something about which you want to write to me personally email me at (remove the abc) and include the word E61 in the subject for a faster reply.

Your comments can be about what you want me to write about (new software, news you’ve found etc.), suggestions, compliments of good work, comments of how this site has helped and anything else that relates to this blog and/or the Nokia E61/E62.

There is (almost) no limit. But I ask one thing, please leave Software comments/questions under the Software post (the loong one).


10 Responses to “Comments”

  1. mambo Says:

    a non-english E61 blog (hebrew):

    take care,

  2. jake61 Says:

    thanks, mambo!
    Gimme me more to add to the Non-English blogs

    PS: Thanks for posting in Exactly the right place 🙂

  3. John Wong Says:

    I been using Nokia Communicator, ie. 9xxx series for many years.

    Now, I am trying to change to the E-series, since the 9-series support is virtually nothing.

    Can I ask a simple question ….

    Is there an ESC (escape) key in the E61 ??

    I have tried so many ways to back out of some situations

    eg. in Contacts entry – I accidentally deleted or changed some old inputs and then forgot what I did. In the old 9xxx series, with a full keyboard, I just type ESC key and all changes will be reverted.

    is there this function in the E61 ??

    I tried the menu BACK, but this seems to save the changes instead of reverting.

    Pls help.


  4. Herman Says:

    Im having some probs wif installing a software to my e61. It always stops after the security check “Install … ?”. Right after i checked “Yes” a warning (that stops the installation) pops out… “Certificate Error”.

    What do i have to do about it? Ive went to the security settings > Certif. management n checked “No” to both the internet n Online certif.check.

    Please help me. THq

  5. John Wong Says:

    This is a stupid simple default setting in the E61.

    Just goto the App Manager and selection Options menu.

    Inside, there is a Setting. Then just select to install All files !!

    Anyway, very stupid default setting by Nokia !

  6. jake61 Says:

    Herman, I sometimes have the same problem…
    Now the best answer is 1) do software update or 2) try different sites/methods to install (PC Sync/internet on cell/from PC to cell them install)

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  8. Chris Says:

    Hi Guys, i’ve got a nokia E61, everytime i try to install an app it comes up with a certificate error. I changed the settings in app manager to install everything and disabled the online check, but i still come up with the same error. PLZ HELP desperate !!!

  9. jusru Says:

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  10. pewmy Says:

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