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Great with your E61: get a FREE Wifi Router

December 13, 2006

I don’t know if you read about this on Tommi’s Great S60 blog, but FON is giving away free WiFi routers in Finland, Denmark, and Sweden until Christmas!

FON is a company that not only sells WLAN/Wi-Fi routers but also allows you to make some money doing this! Read more about it at Tommi’s the original post here and the new post also you must check out FON’s own website and FON’s Blog where they explain why they are doing it and what’s the “catch” (it’s that you will share your Wi-Fi connection with other FONners who need to use it: sharing connections). Also see the FON Map of places where there are FONners (who’s internet you will have access to if you get one yourself).

I’m getting one too! 🙂

Heres what they look like: (Notiec the price is for countries other than Finland, Sweden or Denmark)

 And you can use Skype from your cell as your HOME PHONE!! (use your E61, dont buy the Skype phone unless you want a separate phone for home)

Fon & Skype

The goal of FON (in my own word): to go global so that a person with a FON router at home could use FON Wi-Fi no matter where they go, will it be another city or just blocks away… Great goal, though it will take time to reach it!


This blog is developing +News

November 17, 2006

NEW PC Suite: Nokia has released a new version of PC Suite… version 6.82 (the one most of us have is 6.81). You can get it from here
2. Want to be a beta tester? Use Skype? Here is your chance… IM+ needs beta-testers for their S60v3 IM+ Skype app. Click here to read what E61life has to say about this or go straight to the site

I have been planning to open a shop for the Nokia E61 and the E-Series if you remember… To make things short, I have created a shop for E-Series apparel and merchandise, though it isn’t as grand as I plan to make it, but You can buy E61/E-Series gear for yourself! Go shopping now from HERE . If you have Any questions or comments… write them down (below)! If you are worrying about your money… I can assure you that CafePress is very safe, PLUS they have a 30 day return policy so if you don’t like what you get you can easily return it. No worries!

A little trick, I discovered that holding # in Standby will toggle between General and Silent profiles (if you have another profile on it will put it in General and still toggle between Silent/General)

Video Programs for E61 Compared

October 17, 2006

This is the long waited for Video Program comparison (for those who check my blog regularly). After I hinted about this coming in my first post about video converters/players for the Nokia E61 I’ve had a busy time. First of all, my computer wouldn’t let me signin to GMail, WordPress or any other site. I tried everything (well at least almost). Finally I reinstalled Windows. Then I noticed the problem was with Norton (which I also reinstalled). The process had to be done all over again! Then I purchased McAfee. Now it’s all working. While it didn’t work I had to update from library. I read other blogs using WidSets (works very well!). What’s awesome is that I lost none of my data! Everything shows even after the reinstallation of Windows. huh!

Ok here is the comparison:
I figured that the choices are almost all good except that some are free (SUPER) while others aren’t (so might as well choose the free apps).

1. My favorite choice is this: DivX Player and video converted using SUPER (Download here) to Xvid. This is the best choice if you like the UI (non-techie: look) of DivX Player better than RealPlayer. I think DivX is better than RealPlayer because of DivX’s simplicity. To convert your videos with Super to play on DivX Click here to see a photo of my SUPER Settings 

2. Choice two: RealPlayer (already on your E61) and video converted using SUPER to 3gp using Daniel’s great settings! (Thanks Daniel, I had a problem trying to get it work on my own) This is The choice if you prefer RealPlayer instead of DivX.

3. The rest are third. I believe options such as SmartMovie are not the best choice since there is the great free SUPER video converter – and free DivX Player. The options below are If you have some personal preference (like “I’ve always used SmartMovie” or something).

Runner-ups: (these aren’t really in any specific order)
1. SmartMovie – a player/converter combo. It is a computer and phone software bundle.

2. – I couldn’t get this to work (don’t know what the password fields were for, how to use them)
3. Option for Mac – I don’t have a Mac, and couldn’t test this one.
4. TMPGEnc 4.0 – this is what agwe23 at uses with DivX Player (Xivd format) but it costs.
5. The rest (if there are any more, you can post yours in Comments)

For those of you who have chosen to use DivX here is a nice little Russian cartoon to play on your E61s, Google put it into mp4 (though it was in AVI) so you’ll have to convert to avi (see the photo for settings above) to play in DivX. (It’s about 9 minutes long)

Certificate Error

October 9, 2006

For those of you that haven’t read about this at Techmundo or at E-Series read on:

If you get a certificate error when attempting to install 3rd party software on your S60 3rd Edition smartphone (Nokia E61/E61 or other), it means that you haven’t enabled installation of unsigned SIS files. Go to Tools> App. Manager, choose Options> Settings and set Software installation to All and Online certif. check to Off.


Remember that this is like removing one lock from a door.
But I think that this can’t really harm you because you choose what you download.