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Oval-Racer: a 3D racing game for E61

January 5, 2007

When recently posted the article with the “Essentials” for S60 I first learned of the great game Oval-Racer by Great Ape. This is a review of the game available at (also see the developers other content at ).

Ok, after playing it for a while… having nothing else to do because electricity was out at my house (in Seattle, WA USA) for a few days this is what I’ve come to:

The game itselft is great, The Greatest 3D game for E61 (or 2nd if you really like Snake and it works on your E61). Very fun, realistic, and positively addicting (the oval shape of the track may get a bit tiring after some intense gaming).

Opinion: YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GET IT!!! Yes there is a trial, you can play a few of the numerous tracks without registering, just by downloading BUT IT’S TOTALLY WORTH BUYING because you can only play one (type of) championship without registering Plus by paying you support the developer who can then produce more great apps/games…
Finally, after watching a replay of one of my great races (replays are part of the app) and using up/down keys to change views (works only in replays) I thought that ahh it would be Awesome to get GTA2 on my E61, my favorite game ever! (because the newer ones are way too violent/real/crazy).

ps: this was written quickhand while traveling from a WiFi hotsopt using my still-sparkling E61


Less of what you like

December 11, 2006

I admit, though I really enjoy writing about the E61 I’ve gotten tired of researching and putting so much time into the subject. The E61 is The Ultimate device (so far even though I’ve had it already for 6 months and in Europe the price is still more than I payed on eBay ūüôā ), it has Wi-Fi, QWERTY keyboard, (pretty) small size, and AWESOME UI (user interface) due to the great S60 OS (operating system).

NOTE: This DoesN’T mean that the blog will close! NO WAY!

I see that Lots and lots of people visit the blog daily, especially for the Software List which has been a greater success than I expected… Here I borrow the words of Tommi from S60¬†“We are here to create cool stuff” (read his post on Crossbow, Symbian’s competitor)

SO THE BLOG WILL STAY OPEN and I may even update occasionally, but obviously not as often as a few months back when a few days without a post seemed like a year… those were good times with the blog, though time consuming.

Just wanted to let you guys know ūüôā . Comments? YES you can still expect answers if you post comments, if not from me then from some other E61 owners who surf the site. I do check the comments about once¬†a week.

Get Video on E61 (pretty) FAST

November 18, 2006

I’ve written about Video converters/players for our E61s¬†once and¬†twice a while back, if you remember. Well, someone commented (a big Thank you from me) that they use MAKAYAMA Media Studio for Nokia, and I checked the website out. I thought that “Hey, this looks nice”, downloaded a demo… and forgot about it. Well, now I found some time for it so I took it for a spin. I was well amazed. I tried it with a DVD, it converted it onto my E61 (thru USB cable) in about¬†7 minutes!!!

MAKAYAMA Media Studio for Nokia

I’m think that it’s totally worth the $30 that it costs… It’s¬†pretty simple, pretty Fast. Ok click here if you are ready to test it out yourself.

PS: You don’t need to install anything onto your E61, it plays in RealPlayer on the E61

PPS: Nothing is perfect.¬†For some reason the computer¬†doesn’t assign a¬†drive¬†for¬†my phone (with PC¬†Suite v6.82) so¬†this program puts my videos onto my F:/¬†Drive; when I noticed this it was simple to fix the problem: when you open the program, in the toolbar,¬†click on Nokia>Phone is Drive> and select your phone’s drive name (find this in My Computer)

Update: It’s actually not that easy, I think it’s easier with S60v2 or older PC Suite because it hasn’t been optimized for the new one… I have to transfer each file onto my phone using PC Suite manually because they go to a specified drive, but never¬†straight to the phone ūüė¶

BitTorrent, Gnutella and our E61s

November 14, 2006

I recently downloaded LimeWire and I’ve started to use to it’s fullest. Downloading all kinds of goodies while the computer is on is pretty nice. I’m sure most of you have (had) experience with these types of things: there have been many in the past like Kazaa which never really attracted me because of all the viruses you could catch. Now life’s different; with virus protection and/or not downloading any exe files you will be fine!

Well, now since there is Symella (LimeWire uses Gnutella protocol) I’m thinking of how to move my experience from behind my desk into my pocket. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be taking a walk while your content is loading instead of sitting behind your desk (not that you have to guard it)?!! You can do that now if you have a Unlimited data plan or your neighborhood has WiFi to share with you!

Here¬†are the links for SymTorrent, your BitTorrent on E61, and Symella, LimeWire or other Gnutella on E61. Enjoy P2P on the go with S60!Ps: I am still trying to figure out how to use these… so if you know go ahead post in the comments (the problem for me is the peers and torrents, where do you get them?).


Status view 

Google and E61

November 7, 2006

I noticed that just a while ago two Google Java clients were announced GooSync and GoTalkMobile so I thought that a post written about both was necessary.

GooSync is a Java app that will sync your cellphone calendar with Google Cal, over the air. It does the same things as gcalsync (which I found out a while about, it works only for uploading though). These two are for Google Calendar syncing. GooSync looks like it will look better but gcalsync is simpler, however I think I’ll switch to GooSync.

Then there now is a Java app that’s only for Google Talk, not any of the other messenger communities. It’s called GoTalkMobile. You can get it here. E-Series wrote about it too.

Got more? Post¬†’em in the comments!¬†

Google Reader goes mobile

October 26, 2006

Google Reader has gone mobile and (because of this) should work on our E61s. I haven’t tried it out yet but will soon, it should work because GMail and Google work on my E61… Google Reader is a RSS Reader and now it works on cellphones with data (or Wifi). It’s similar to WidSets, however it looks different/is different in some ways.

It’s in XHTML (like Skweezer ¬†and others) so I was able to¬†take a screenshot on my computer

Video Programs for E61 Compared

October 17, 2006

This is the long waited for Video Program comparison (for those who check my blog regularly). After I hinted about this coming in my first post about video converters/players for the Nokia E61 I’ve had a busy time. First of all, my computer wouldn’t let me signin to GMail, WordPress or any other site. I tried everything (well at least almost). Finally I reinstalled Windows. Then I noticed the problem was with Norton (which I also reinstalled). The process had to be¬†done all over again! Then I purchased McAfee. Now it’s all working. While it didn’t work I had to update from library. I read other blogs using WidSets (works very well!). What’s awesome is that I lost none of my data! Everything shows even after the reinstallation of Windows. huh!

Ok here is the comparison:
I figured that the choices are almost all good except that some are free (SUPER) while others aren’t (so might as well choose the free apps).

1. My favorite choice is this: DivX Player and video converted using SUPER¬†(Download here)¬†to Xvid. This is the best choice if you like the UI (non-techie: look) of DivX Player better than RealPlayer. I¬†think DivX is better than RealPlayer because of DivX’s simplicity. To convert your videos with Super to play on DivX Click here to see a photo of my SUPER Settings¬†

2. Choice two: RealPlayer (already on your E61) and video converted using SUPER to 3gp using Daniel’s great settings! (Thanks Daniel, I had a problem trying to get it work on my own) This is The choice if you prefer RealPlayer instead of DivX.

3. The rest are third. I believe options such as SmartMovie are not the best choice since there is the great free SUPER video converter – and free DivX Player. The options below are If you have some personal preference (like “I’ve always used SmartMovie” or something).

Runner-ups: (these aren’t really in any specific order)
1. SmartMovie Рa player/converter combo. It is a computer and phone software bundle.

2.¬†– I couldn’t get this to work (don’t know what the password fields were for, how to use them)
3. Option for Mac – I don’t have a Mac, and couldn’t test this one.
4. TMPGEnc 4.0 Рthis is what agwe23 at uses with DivX Player (Xivd format) but it costs.
5. The rest (if there are any more, you can post yours in Comments)

For those of you who have chosen to use DivX here is a nice little Russian cartoon to play on your E61s,¬†Google put it into mp4 (though it was in¬†AVI)¬†so you’ll have to convert to avi (see the photo for settings above) to play in DivX. (It’s about 9 minutes long)

Certificate Error

October 9, 2006

For those of you that haven’t read about this at Techmundo or at E-Series read on:

If you get a certificate error when attempting to install 3rd party software on your S60 3rd Edition smartphone (Nokia E61/E61 or other), it means that you haven’t enabled installation of unsigned SIS files. Go to Tools> App. Manager, choose Options> Settings and set Software installation to All and Online certif. check to Off.


Remember that this is like removing one lock from a door.
But I think that this can’t really harm you because you choose what you download.

PIM on my E61

October 6, 2006

I’m a power user of PIM apps on my Nokia E61. I admit that the original apps aren’t too good, Calendar is a bit clumsy, Notes and To-do don’t have categories, Alarm clock only can have one alarm (on my Nokia 7710 you could have like ten, and repeated ones too) and on and on…

But now there has been lots of fuss about Papyrus and AquaCalendar, Calendar apps for S60 3rd Edition phones. (Similar to Calcium which is a better calculator). They have been in beta for some time already and now finally AquaCalendar has released a stable version! Papyrus is coming soon as well! If you want a side-by-side review see Techmundo.

I love this! ūüôā

Video Converters Compared

October 5, 2006

There are many ways to get video onto your E61 or E62, here they are:

DivX Mobile¬†(DivX player for E61 if you don’t like RealPlayer and 3gp file format) MyMobileClips (an online video converter)

TMPGEnc 4.0 (according to somewhat better than Super because it uses DivX player instead of the standard RealPlayer)

SmartMovie (known from older versions of S60)

And finally perhaps the most talked about SUPER (Daniel at prefers this versus DivX)

Later I will compare the different ways and tell you My favorite but for now you can tell us your favorite by posting it in the comments.