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Great with your E61: get a FREE Wifi Router

December 13, 2006

I don’t know if you read about this on Tommi’s Great S60 blog, but FON is giving away free WiFi routers in Finland, Denmark, and Sweden until Christmas!

FON is a company that not only sells WLAN/Wi-Fi routers but also allows you to make some money doing this! Read more about it at Tommi’s the original post here and the new post also you must check out FON’s own website and FON’s Blog where they explain why they are doing it and what’s the “catch” (it’s that you will share your Wi-Fi connection with other FONners who need to use it: sharing connections). Also see the FON Map of places where there are FONners (who’s internet you will have access to if you get one yourself).

I’m getting one too! 🙂

Heres what they look like: (Notiec the price is for countries other than Finland, Sweden or Denmark)

 And you can use Skype from your cell as your HOME PHONE!! (use your E61, dont buy the Skype phone unless you want a separate phone for home)

Fon & Skype

The goal of FON (in my own word): to go global so that a person with a FON router at home could use FON Wi-Fi no matter where they go, will it be another city or just blocks away… Great goal, though it will take time to reach it!


Less of what you like

December 11, 2006

I admit, though I really enjoy writing about the E61 I’ve gotten tired of researching and putting so much time into the subject. The E61 is The Ultimate device (so far even though I’ve had it already for 6 months and in Europe the price is still more than I payed on eBay 🙂 ), it has Wi-Fi, QWERTY keyboard, (pretty) small size, and AWESOME UI (user interface) due to the great S60 OS (operating system).

NOTE: This DoesN’T mean that the blog will close! NO WAY!

I see that Lots and lots of people visit the blog daily, especially for the Software List which has been a greater success than I expected… Here I borrow the words of Tommi from S60 “We are here to create cool stuff” (read his post on Crossbow, Symbian’s competitor)

SO THE BLOG WILL STAY OPEN and I may even update occasionally, but obviously not as often as a few months back when a few days without a post seemed like a year… those were good times with the blog, though time consuming.

Just wanted to let you guys know 🙂 . Comments? YES you can still expect answers if you post comments, if not from me then from some other E61 owners who surf the site. I do check the comments about once a week.