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Oval-Racer: a 3D racing game for E61

January 5, 2007

When recently posted the article with the “Essentials” for S60 I first learned of the great game Oval-Racer by Great Ape. This is a review of the game available at (also see the developers other content at ).

Ok, after playing it for a while… having nothing else to do because electricity was out at my house (in Seattle, WA USA) for a few days this is what I’ve come to:

The game itselft is great, The Greatest 3D game for E61 (or 2nd if you really like Snake and it works on your E61). Very fun, realistic, and positively addicting (the oval shape of the track may get a bit tiring after some intense gaming).

Opinion: YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GET IT!!! Yes there is a trial, you can play a few of the numerous tracks without registering, just by downloading BUT IT’S TOTALLY WORTH BUYING because you can only play one (type of) championship without registering Plus by paying you support the developer who can then produce more great apps/games…
Finally, after watching a replay of one of my great races (replays are part of the app) and using up/down keys to change views (works only in replays) I thought that ahh it would be Awesome to get GTA2 on my E61, my favorite game ever! (because the newer ones are way too violent/real/crazy).

ps: this was written quickhand while traveling from a WiFi hotsopt using my still-sparkling E61


E62 Sweeping USA (as always a little bit late)

October 5, 2006

I live in the USA and here (I admit) technology comes a little bit late 😦 Anyways, I was reading TIME on October 2nd, 2006 and as soon as I opened the magazine an ad of the Nokia E62 was in my sight. I was amazed. I didn’t expect such advertisement of it, I though that it would be as always, a phone from Nokia that is popular everywhere but the US. Not this time! 🙂Cingular and Nokia had an ad four pages big (2 pages and 2 filpout pages). And I hope all those mobile professionals reading TIME in airplanes, airports, etc. at least thought about getting an awesome smartphone like this which could make their life easier (well,  more enjoyable in the least), and yes the E61/E62 is a smartphone. Thumbs up for Cingular and Nokia from me!

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