Accomplishments & About me


I am really happy to say this:

My (and your) E61 – blog was 42nd WordPress Blog of the Day on September 23rd!


And this is all thanks to you readers, you make my day!
Also you should see E61 Blog (StmcGill) which has been 34 and is ften on the list, it’s a really good one!

Again, Thank You!

Another Accomplishment (Updated: 10/02/2006): TECHMUNDO 2.0 has awarded me a Gold Medal” of a kind. All I can say is Thanks! 🙂

About me

I have a Nokia E61 and use it (almost) to its fullest. And I know more about it than I could post in Comments of other great Nokia E61 blogs, so I decided to make my own. I use my E61 for PIM (Cal, Notes…), Games, watching videos, writing word docs (cause I don’t own a laptop – don’t need one), IMing, and especially surfing the web and reading/writing my GMAIL email…

The purpose of writing this blog is to tell you (the reader) about everything that I do (and you can too) with the new Nokia E61 and/or E62 and to link you to other blogs with useful info about the E61, I will try my best to post only the Best links so that you get the best possible info to be found on the internet.

A little bit about me:
I’m from Finland and so is Nokia.
My interests are [Nokia] smartphones, other technology, and cars.

And here is a list of almost all the phones I’ve owned
Nokia 5110, Nokia 3310, (moved to USA) Nokia 1265, Nokia 3600, SE t616, Nokia 7710, and now Nokia E61…


16 Responses to “Accomplishments & About me”

  1. ubi de feo Says:

    this is ubi from randomtype.
    I wanted to thank you for linking to my resources.

    are you from finland?
    I go there every now and then (love it).
    keep it up with E61, best phone I ever owned.


  2. jake61 Says:

    Yeah I’m from Finland (though living in USA currently)

    Ps: I really liked what you have on your site… had to link it
    because otherwise people might not find your site, and info that they might want ;-). I connect people to resources/info… that’s my thing

  3. effect Says:

    Hi Jake,

    could you add my Blog to your Blogroll?
    My site is
    It is written in German and is ment to help other Users with my Experiences.

    Would be really helpful 😉

    With best regards,

  4. Aalaap Says:

    Nokia 1265 CDMA was just announced. I think you probably made a typo!

  5. jake61 Says:

    Aalaap, Yeah I guess I made a type… I just can’t remember the model number. I know it was 12xx and has a 6 in it.

    I’ll update the name if i find the correct one somewhere online but thanks for the comment because in a couple of years I would of had incorrect data (though it may mean nothing now it could later especially if someone noticed that I was not saying the truth, though it is an accident)
    Thanks anyway!!
    PS: I’m happy that at least someone reads my proud accomplishments 🙂

  6. Florian Says:

    Dear Blogger,

    I think it might interest you and other eddicteds that FON (you know, this huge WiFi Community out there) has launched a beta testing for their Symbian smart client that will connect you to all FONspots which are already over 75.000 worldwide! If you are interested, send an email to .

    Happy to read more on pages,

  7. jake61 Says:

    thanks florian, I heard about this too!

  8. Aaron Says:

    Hey love the site, can you please add my blog to your blogroll!

    New site dedicated to the Nokia E65. I’ve already linked to your site!

  9. Vince Moor Says:


    Recently we have started our Symbian Review blog where we present mainly Symbian software comparisons (

    We became interested in your blog, as you also pay much attention to Symbian Software. That is why we would like to place a link to your blog on our website. Would it be also interesting for you to link to our blog?

    If you get interested in my suggestion please write us at address.

    I am looking forward to your reply.

    Best Wishes,
    Vince Moor

  10. SymbianGuru Says:


    SymbianGuru has released new version of its profile scheduler software. Maybe it will be interesting for you to review this application or to write about it. In any case, if you are interested please let us know the IMEi of your S60.3 device and we will be glad to generate a test license for you.

    Looking forward to your interest and your post.

    Best Wishes,

    SymbianGuru Team

  11. chad Says:

    HELP! Yesterday I upgraded my firmware to version 3.6xxxxxx
    I realized that I haven’t gotten any e-mail since I did it and I just figured out that it’s not working. What happened, help me fix my email PLEASE!

  12. Rogelio Says:


  13. Helen Says:

    Dear Reviewer,

    We are glad to inform you about release of the our new software Speed Dial+

    SpeedDial + Software allows to program number button combinations of the keyboard to perform different actions on the mobile. Version 1.0 SpeedDial+ is compatible with Series 60.3 Symbian smartphones, Symbian OS 9.1, 9.2, 9.3.

    SpeedDial+ application allows creating number button combinations with the help of which you can easily open any application, make a phone call or send SMS to a desired recipient using a single key combination. You may create as many combinations as your phone allows. The number of these combinations is unlimited.

    SpeedDial+ application is available for the full range of applications, phone settings, web pages and contact actions. This software helps you to make your work with mobile phone quick and effective.

    If you are interested we will be happy to give you the Speed Dial+ version 1.0 for testing, and if it is possible, would you be so kind to write the review on your blog.

    You can download the software here

    Best regards,
    Helen SymbianGuru Support Team

  14. Helen Says:


    Here is Helen again with a update of the Phone Guardian software that might be interesting for your review.

    We have just released the update version of Phone Guardian with new feature. The software is now fully compatible with Symbian Series 60.5
    Phone Guardian locks the phone automatically, after SIM change and on receiving of the lock SMS. Phone unlock is possible only knowing the right application password.
    Phone Guardian is a great mobile anti-theft and phone tracking software.
    Phone Guardian allows phone and thief tracking. All information about the phone position is sent via Info SMS with useful information. The Info-SMS contains always the current SIM card and phone number, as well as Cell ID and GPS coordinates which allows territorial tracking of the mobile. For battery saving the network based GPS is available.

    More detailed info you can find on our website and in Phone Guardian User Manual.

    We give you a free license for the case you will be interested to write a review or just to use the software, so please send us your IMEI.

    Please find the application installation file as well as the English user manual on our website. Product page at SymbianGuru site is:

    I am looking forward to your reviews!

    Thanks and Best Wishes,


  15. Helen Says:


    I’d like to present you the new great application from SymbianGuru

    Some info about the app that you can find useful:

    CallGuard: Blacklist and Whitelist software with scheduling

    CallGuard application allows you to manage and to control your incoming calls. The application has both black list functionality for rejecting calls, and whitelist functionality to accept-only list of numbers. CallGuard mutes, rejects your incoming calls and sends the SMS message to the contact number, who was calling you. Now there is no need to mute the phone, if you have a meeting and are waiting for the important call. You need to create the white list and all the calls except the listed one will be muted or rejected according to your settings.

    Key features:

    – The two types of lists can be created: Blacklists and Whitelists;
    – The number of lists is unlimited;
    – There are a few types of the rejected actions;
    – Action ‘Busy’ can be defined when one of the numbers from list is calling
    – Mute ringing is available;
    – The software can reject the incoming calls and send the SMS message to the contact number.
    – The Lists are activated according to your Schedule.
    – The software is fully compatible with Series 60.3/60.5.

    Please find SIS file for 10 days free trial attached.

    Have a nice winter time,

  16. Best Android Smartphone Says:

    Thank you a lot for sharing this with all folks you really recognise what you are speaking approximately!
    Bookmarked. Kindly also visit my site =). We may have a link trade contract among us

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