S60tv.com – my new blog


If you happen to be visiting I just want to point to you that I have moved to S60Tv.com and that’s where I’ll continue blogging about Nokia and S60 including, but not limited to, the Nokia E61.


Thanks for riding with me! See ya there*!

* S60tv is best viewed on Firefox because the theme doesn’t quite work yet with Internet Explorer… please keep this in mind, just in case.


11 Responses to “S60tv.com – my new blog”

  1. alfa989 Says:

    It doesn’t really work on Safari too… 😦

  2. Jake Says:

    It works now!
    I fixed it all.

    Go ahead and check it out / subscribe.
    Btw, really soon I’ll make a new list of TOP FREEWARE (and TOP SOFTWARE) on my new blog. I’m sure its worth the wait (and there will be other great stuff before that)

  3. AJ Says:

    So will this blog be inactive henceforth?

  4. Tert Says:

    Great blog. I watch its news every day!

  5. iphone games music Says:

    Nice blog, i have added it to my favourites, greetings

  6. Cederash Says:

    не информативно как- то

  7. Ferinannnd Says:

    Оригинальная идея. Интересно сколько времени он на это потратил

  8. Avertedd Says:

    Интересно даже для бухгалтера :)))))

  9. Adolfban Says:

  10. debmcgee90961 Says:

    Exactly the same for me – doing the BusyCal trial now and thoroughly enjoying it. Now just need a quality iOS replacement. Click https://zhoutest.wordpress.com/

  11. Grahambip Says:

    good mood all day =)
    and how are you?

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