SoonR update: now available AnyTime

Now with SoonR (read my previous post about it by using the search function) you can have access to your files AnyTime even when your computer is offline. No more hassle with uploading to the net!!

See a picture of the email they sent me:


this is how to do it: (source

” Setting up AnyTime Access is easy. From your computer, locate the folder you want to store. Make sure it is not larger than your storage limit. Click on the [store] link (on the SoonR client, I think), and on the confirmation screen, click “Yes”. That’s all it takes! If you’d later like to remove the folder from storage, simply click [unstore].


One Response to “SoonR update: now available AnyTime”

  1. Song Huang Says:

    Hey thanks for putting a blurb up on your blog! I wanted to clarify one thing. You choose to store the folders from the PC browser interface. You will not find the [store] link on the mobile browser…yet.

    The folders you choose to store, do not affect your ability to cache email attachments, etc. In other words, the 100MB storage space doesn’t include email attachments.

    Oh, yeah – if you haven’t already realized this, I am wth SoonR.

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