More of what you like (how I use my E61)

This is how I use my E61 daily:

I personally use my E61 for WidSets, (latest S60/E-Series/E61 news and more), GMAil app (for email), Alarm+clock, native included NOKIA Calendar (yes it’s my PIM Manager: everything is in it 🙂 ), as my Music Player (MP3, AAC, and more), Autolock (well, it works in the background), Calculator (Calcium‘s the best), WorldMate (weather and currency rates), HanDBase (the only database for S60v3, just found it recently), INTERNET over WiFi (the Original browser is the best) Adobe Reader (not that much, though) and thinking about getting Oval Racer (see this at AllAboutSymbian) MOST OF THE ABOVE ARE AVAILABLE FROM Software List IF NOT LINKED above

If you haven’t yet, which I doubt, see my Software List with over 50 different apps


One Response to “More of what you like (how I use my E61)”

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