This blog is developing +News

NEW PC Suite: Nokia has released a new version of PC Suite… version 6.82 (the one most of us have is 6.81). You can get it from here
2. Want to be a beta tester? Use Skype? Here is your chance… IM+ needs beta-testers for their S60v3 IM+ Skype app. Click here to read what E61life has to say about this or go straight to the site

I have been planning to open a shop for the Nokia E61 and the E-Series if you remember… To make things short, I have created a shop for E-Series apparel and merchandise, though it isn’t as grand as I plan to make it, but You can buy E61/E-Series gear for yourself! Go shopping now from HERE . If you have Any questions or comments… write them down (below)! If you are worrying about your money… I can assure you that CafePress is very safe, PLUS they have a 30 day return policy so if you don’t like what you get you can easily return it. No worries!

A little trick, I discovered that holding # in Standby will toggle between General and Silent profiles (if you have another profile on it will put it in General and still toggle between Silent/General)


4 Responses to “This blog is developing +News”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Nice initiative with that shop mate. When I get some cash left over I will perhaps buy something and sponsor it.

  2. jake61 Says:

    Thanks Daniel! I hope you’ll find that extra cash somewhere
    maybe you should check under your pillow… 😉

  3. Mehdi Says:

    It is fantastic,well done and thanks.

  4. Bryce Mantz Says:

    With thanks with the wonderful wakeboarding techniques!

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