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Get Video on E61 (pretty) FAST

November 18, 2006

I’ve written about Video converters/players for our E61s once and twice a while back, if you remember. Well, someone commented (a big Thank you from me) that they use MAKAYAMA Media Studio for Nokia, and I checked the website out. I thought that “Hey, this looks nice”, downloaded a demo… and forgot about it. Well, now I found some time for it so I took it for a spin. I was well amazed. I tried it with a DVD, it converted it onto my E61 (thru USB cable) in about 7 minutes!!!

MAKAYAMA Media Studio for Nokia

I’m think that it’s totally worth the $30 that it costs… It’s pretty simple, pretty Fast. Ok click here if you are ready to test it out yourself.

PS: You don’t need to install anything onto your E61, it plays in RealPlayer on the E61

PPS: Nothing is perfect. For some reason the computer doesn’t assign a drive for my phone (with PC Suite v6.82) so this program puts my videos onto my F:/ Drive; when I noticed this it was simple to fix the problem: when you open the program, in the toolbar, click on Nokia>Phone is Drive> and select your phone’s drive name (find this in My Computer)

Update: It’s actually not that easy, I think it’s easier with S60v2 or older PC Suite because it hasn’t been optimized for the new one… I have to transfer each file onto my phone using PC Suite manually because they go to a specified drive, but never straight to the phone 😦


This blog is developing +News

November 17, 2006

NEW PC Suite: Nokia has released a new version of PC Suite… version 6.82 (the one most of us have is 6.81). You can get it from here
2. Want to be a beta tester? Use Skype? Here is your chance… IM+ needs beta-testers for their S60v3 IM+ Skype app. Click here to read what E61life has to say about this or go straight to the site

I have been planning to open a shop for the Nokia E61 and the E-Series if you remember… To make things short, I have created a shop for E-Series apparel and merchandise, though it isn’t as grand as I plan to make it, but You can buy E61/E-Series gear for yourself! Go shopping now from HERE . If you have Any questions or comments… write them down (below)! If you are worrying about your money… I can assure you that CafePress is very safe, PLUS they have a 30 day return policy so if you don’t like what you get you can easily return it. No worries!

A little trick, I discovered that holding # in Standby will toggle between General and Silent profiles (if you have another profile on it will put it in General and still toggle between Silent/General)

BitTorrent, Gnutella and our E61s

November 14, 2006

I recently downloaded LimeWire and I’ve started to use to it’s fullest. Downloading all kinds of goodies while the computer is on is pretty nice. I’m sure most of you have (had) experience with these types of things: there have been many in the past like Kazaa which never really attracted me because of all the viruses you could catch. Now life’s different; with virus protection and/or not downloading any exe files you will be fine!

Well, now since there is Symella (LimeWire uses Gnutella protocol) I’m thinking of how to move my experience from behind my desk into my pocket. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be taking a walk while your content is loading instead of sitting behind your desk (not that you have to guard it)?!! You can do that now if you have a Unlimited data plan or your neighborhood has WiFi to share with you!

Here are the links for SymTorrent, your BitTorrent on E61, and Symella, LimeWire or other Gnutella on E61. Enjoy P2P on the go with S60!Ps: I am still trying to figure out how to use these… so if you know go ahead post in the comments (the problem for me is the peers and torrents, where do you get them?).


Status view 

Google and E61

November 7, 2006

I noticed that just a while ago two Google Java clients were announced GooSync and GoTalkMobile so I thought that a post written about both was necessary.

GooSync is a Java app that will sync your cellphone calendar with Google Cal, over the air. It does the same things as gcalsync (which I found out a while about, it works only for uploading though). These two are for Google Calendar syncing. GooSync looks like it will look better but gcalsync is simpler, however I think I’ll switch to GooSync.

Then there now is a Java app that’s only for Google Talk, not any of the other messenger communities. It’s called GoTalkMobile. You can get it here. E-Series wrote about it too.

Got more? Post ’em in the comments! 

The TOP 5 E61 Blogs

November 6, 2006

Since I read E61 news almost daily, I have noticed that the following five blogs are theTOP FIVE E61 Blogs to read almost Daily
1. (name fits it totally)
2. (not totally E61)
3. My and Your E61 Blog (gotta have my self on the list)
4. (has “slowed down” on his E61 postings… I guess it’s the Super Miners that he’s trying to beat)
5. (also “slowed down” a bit)

and the Runner-ups which you should check every so often that you are up-to-date are www.MyE61.comAAS S60v3 NewsThis E61 Blog, Thimo’s blog and the non-English blogs that are on my Non-English blogroll (see the sidebar) Stay up to date on specific topics by using the Nokia E61 Custom Search that searches these sites (see previous posts for link)

The Software List is famous

November 2, 2006

I like the fact that the Software List has been a great success. It gets more hits than anything else (per day), so I wanted to make it a little bit easier to locate.

For those newbies here, here is the link straight to The List, but I suggest that you also check out the great Software&Themes page which encompasses a well organized list of great links for Software and Themes, including the link to the awesomly loong Software list.

Also, if you want to search other blogs for something (yes, you can do it for freeware) use the Nokia E61 Blog Google Search made using Google Co-op.

How to get a Bible onto your E61

November 2, 2006

I am sure some E61 users would want a Bible on their smartphone, so I have decided to write this article.There are three or more ways to get a Bible (or many translations/languages if you wish) onto your E61. This article is about all of them

The most complex is here, I got a Finnish Bible using this and it works really well… though I had to do some ‘hacking’ (well just getting the link and adding to Bookmarks of Browser because it originally opened in Services and wasn’t as great).

But the easier methods of getting a Bible are the following: get Olivetree S60v3 Bible (E61 is supported) or you can buy “Best S60 Bible” from here (that’s the name of the app) which costs  $10.

Also you can get English MP3 Bibles here and play on E61.

And if they aren’t (or any music file) in MP3 or AAC, to convert you can use Nokia’s Music Manager or I like to use Switch, it’s awesome, it’s free, it’s simple.

PS: If you are having trouble installing the most complex version (and you want it) email me at or post a comment

Work vs. Play

November 2, 2006

In my play time I made this Sheet (Excel spreadsheet) that categorizes almost everything that you can do on the E61 into Work and Play (Productivity and Procrastination).

I hope you enjoy it… but don’t waste too much time on it 🙂

Here it is (it will be an Excel file)

This blog is evolving

November 2, 2006

You probably noticed the logo has been changed. I want to express my thanks to Thimo he gets the credit for making the awesome logo that you now can see. Thanks!

I also want to say that this blog is/will be evolving.. a little
I’m thinking about trying out some new things. Please comment whenever you got good or bad news 🙂Off topic: Check this out for some E61+Mac reading, maybe you’ll find it useful

My E61 related Notes

November 2, 2006

Here is a collection of simple notes all E61 related (to some extent)
Fact One: here  – Nokia holds 42% or smartphone/cellphone/PDA market! That’s good, and I’m sure E61 is a big chunk of that (though NSeries is included)
Fact Two: Check this out – Free 60 second calls that are then posted online for everyone to listen

See these:  and they have some E61/S60v3 related stuff This is an awesome post: How to take apart your E61 (for modding etc)

To be added to Software list:  Nokia Channels (if you know Nokia Park) but in Finnish A Flickr photo transfer tool created using Python

Tell me how you like this in comments