Nokia E61/My and Your E61 Blog Gear

I thought that selling some gear for us proud E61 owners would be cool and I want your opinion about it.
Please answer the poll I’ve made, it will assist me in making my decision.

As to what you want the t-shirt/other gear to look like , any suggestions etc. you can send to me at (remove the no.spamm).

Please VOTE HERE because it doesn’t want to show up on my blog.

Create polls and vote for free.

Other bloggers: please write about this in your blogs! Here is the address to the poll itself (it’s better than linking only to this post).


2 Responses to “Nokia E61/My and Your E61 Blog Gear”

  1. This blog is developing +News « My (and your) E61 Says:

    […] E-SERIES SHOP: I have been planning to open a shop for the Nokia E61 and the E-Series if you remember… To make things short, I have created a shop for E-Series apparel and merchandise, though it isn’t as grand as I plan to make it, but You can buy E61/E-Series gear for yourself! Go shopping now from HERE . If you have Any questions or comments… write them down (below)! If you are worrying about your money… I can assure you that CafePress is very safe, PLUS they have a 30 day return policy so if you don’t like what you get you can easily return it. No worries! […]

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