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Google Reader goes mobile

October 26, 2006

Google Reader has gone mobile and (because of this) should work on our E61s. I haven’t tried it out yet but will soon, it should work because GMail and Google work on my E61… Google Reader is a RSS Reader and now it works on cellphones with data (or Wifi). It’s similar to WidSets, however it looks different/is different in some ways.

It’s in XHTML (like Skweezer  and others) so I was able to take a screenshot on my computer


E61 Search

October 25, 2006

Maybe you noticed the E61 Search page in the sidebar, but if not (or if you didn’t check it out) it links to a Custom Search Engine that searches E61 blogs try it out if you are looking for something specific!

The link straight is here

Microsoft’s biggest nightmare, and how it affects us

October 24, 2006

Most of us know that Microsoft’s greatest nightmare is about free online apps and in just a little bit we’ll be using them 100% (no MS Office). What I’m getting at is that the free online apps (GMail, Google Docs&Spreadsheets, Google Cal, Google Talk, SoonR…) that we can already use on our E61s to some extent will make us more wireless (which I think is nice). And as smartphones become better at working the real web I’m sure we will be wirelessly not only checking our email but making appointments visible to our collegues (GoogleCal) writing Docs&Spreadsheets in a team from different ends of the world (Google Docs), and more…

I’m ready for this! Are you? I’m sure S60 will be all about this, especially with the second version of the awesome S60 Browser…

Sorry for not posting for some time, I think I’ll post something useful this week (or next) so check back soon!

Nokia E61/My and Your E61 Blog Gear

October 17, 2006

I thought that selling some gear for us proud E61 owners would be cool and I want your opinion about it.
Please answer the poll I’ve made, it will assist me in making my decision.

As to what you want the t-shirt/other gear to look like , any suggestions etc. you can send to me at (remove the no.spamm).

Please VOTE HERE because it doesn’t want to show up on my blog.

Create polls and vote for free.

Other bloggers: please write about this in your blogs! Here is the address to the poll itself (it’s better than linking only to this post).

Nokia E61 Calendars Compared

October 17, 2006

Recently Papyrus and AquaCalendar were released and now I just wanted to write a comparison.
Here is the best side of each one:
 Most Customizable:
AquaCalendar with AquaCal you can change everything, colors, transparency and so on… Not just your calendar entries. This is the best if you want a calendar that has your photo in the background or somethings like that. AquaCal is the choice for you if you have the time to first adjust all the color settings…

 Most Features:
Papyrus Papyrus packs lots of features in to a small app. You can see that it was originally for PDAs (Palms or Windows Mobile) because the selection buttons are large and all is blue. I personally like this one the best out of the two non-original calendars.

 Simplicity and Speed: (the winner for me though I really like Papyrus as well)
Nokia Calendar – (already on your E61 is) the Nokia S60 calendar is simple yet effective. If rarely use calendar or even if you use it alot (like me) but want simplicity without bugs then this is The choice. Even though it doesn’t have many features Aqua and Papyrus do it’s much quicker and has less bugs.

Video Programs for E61 Compared

October 17, 2006

This is the long waited for Video Program comparison (for those who check my blog regularly). After I hinted about this coming in my first post about video converters/players for the Nokia E61 I’ve had a busy time. First of all, my computer wouldn’t let me signin to GMail, WordPress or any other site. I tried everything (well at least almost). Finally I reinstalled Windows. Then I noticed the problem was with Norton (which I also reinstalled). The process had to be done all over again! Then I purchased McAfee. Now it’s all working. While it didn’t work I had to update from library. I read other blogs using WidSets (works very well!). What’s awesome is that I lost none of my data! Everything shows even after the reinstallation of Windows. huh!

Ok here is the comparison:
I figured that the choices are almost all good except that some are free (SUPER) while others aren’t (so might as well choose the free apps).

1. My favorite choice is this: DivX Player and video converted using SUPER (Download here) to Xvid. This is the best choice if you like the UI (non-techie: look) of DivX Player better than RealPlayer. I think DivX is better than RealPlayer because of DivX’s simplicity. To convert your videos with Super to play on DivX Click here to see a photo of my SUPER Settings 

2. Choice two: RealPlayer (already on your E61) and video converted using SUPER to 3gp using Daniel’s great settings! (Thanks Daniel, I had a problem trying to get it work on my own) This is The choice if you prefer RealPlayer instead of DivX.

3. The rest are third. I believe options such as SmartMovie are not the best choice since there is the great free SUPER video converter – and free DivX Player. The options below are If you have some personal preference (like “I’ve always used SmartMovie” or something).

Runner-ups: (these aren’t really in any specific order)
1. SmartMovie – a player/converter combo. It is a computer and phone software bundle.

2. – I couldn’t get this to work (don’t know what the password fields were for, how to use them)
3. Option for Mac – I don’t have a Mac, and couldn’t test this one.
4. TMPGEnc 4.0 – this is what agwe23 at uses with DivX Player (Xivd format) but it costs.
5. The rest (if there are any more, you can post yours in Comments)

For those of you who have chosen to use DivX here is a nice little Russian cartoon to play on your E61s, Google put it into mp4 (though it was in AVI) so you’ll have to convert to avi (see the photo for settings above) to play in DivX. (It’s about 9 minutes long)

WidSets for E61

October 12, 2006

I don’t know if you know of WidSets but WidSets is an awesome app for E61
And what’s cool is that almost all the E61 blogs now have their own little widgets

Now I have officially made my own as well which you can get here or Add to my Widsets

This is what my WidSets looks like (I took this on my computer from

My Widsets

Click to see in full quality.

Ok and here are Widsets from other E61 related sites: Add to my Widsets Add to my Widsets 
Symbian Add to my Widsets 
S60Tips Add to my Widsets 
AllAboutSymbian S60 News Add to my Widsets

Also the Top 10 WidSet widgets:
1. All E61 widgets
2. Nokia blog
3.WidSets blog

4. Fruitsets
5. Flickr photos (E61 and other)
6. Dilbert comics
7. Bible Verse of the Day
8. New York Times
9. Kelikamera (a webcam of Finnish highway)
10. The Clock (very nice – so you wouldn’t have to get out of WidSets to check the time on your cell)

Get them at in the Library

Look at this – E61 Popularity

October 9, 2006

Look at this: (this is from S60 Tips)

Which is your favorite S60 3rd Edition phone?

  • Nokia E61/E62 (31%)
  • Nokia N80 (21%)
  • Nokia N95 (11%)
  • Nokia N73 (10%)
  • Nokia E60 (8%)
  • Nokia E70 (8%)
  • Nokia E50 (6%)
  • Nokia N71 (2%)
  • Nokia N91 (2%)
  • Nokia N93 (2%)
  • Nokia 5500 Sport (1%)
  • Nokia 3250 (1%)
  • Nokia N75 (0%)
  • Nokia N92 (0%)

Total Votes: 196

If you look at popularity only Awesome isn’t it the E61 is the Best S60 phone! From this you can also conclude another thing: more E61/E62 owners are online looking for something like software, news, reviews etc than owners of other models.

Mobile Websites

October 9, 2006

There are many mobile sites, or websites that are made to look good on cellphones.

Here are the ones that I know of, if you know any (that are good with E61) add them to comments

Papyrus released – yeeah

October 9, 2006

Papurus has been released check this out and this is what StmcGill says