Mobile Search 2.08 – The File Search you want

I was told about the Mobile Search by SEPT Solutions. I have tried it out and this is what I think about it:

Pros: It’s the only File Searcher available for the S60 3rd Edition (or maybe I just don’t know about others)
and it’s a good one at that, it does its job really well!

Cons: It’s not free :/  but there is a Demo 🙂

The main difference between the Demo and actual version is that the Demo show a message that says Demonstration Version when you Search and when you open the program. This gets somewhat annoying over time.
That is the only difference that I noticed in my quick “test” but I’m pretty sure that as new versions become available there will be greater gap between free and real. Support&encourage the programmers! So that there would be More for E61 and S60 software in general (that works on E61)!
PS: You can find Mobile Search 2.08 here as well as in my looong (and everexpanding) list of Software


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