IM+ vs. AgileMessenger

Because some of you readers suggested I do this I have written a comparison about different IM Clients
I know this comparison is not a very informative but it has the basics which (usually) determine what we choose

Here is a simple comparison of AgileMessenger to IM+ both the most popular IM Clients for E61:

Good: It’s free right now in beta but will later get a price when it comes out of beta :/
Bad: Has some glitches, but they aren’t that bad (with the newest beta there is almost none however)


Good: It looks somewhat better and… that’s pretty much it
Bad: It costs! It’s free for 5 days only, and then its $29.95. That’s crazy for a IM Client (at least I think so)!

Results: I use the Agile Messenger and I like it, I would never be willing to pay $30 for a small app!

PS: Keep in mind that this review has been written with price as the main factor.

Update: Some readers said that mig33 is Muuch better, try it out all you “chatters”.

Update #2: I might change to nimbuzz. The reasons:
-I need something cheap (I don’t use IM enough to pay for a IM client)
-I only use MSN and Google Talk (mig33 doesn’t have it Google Talk)

You can get Nimbuzz here:


33 Responses to “IM+ vs. AgileMessenger”

  1. Alexander Balakersky Says:

    There is just one problem with your result:
    AgileMessenger: Yearly subscription price. Will have to pay each year to use.
    IM+: Single time only price. Pay once use forever.

  2. Jonathan Greene Says:

    It’s amazing how subjective the user experience can be…

    I much prefer the UI of AM over IM+ Particularly if you use multiple services

  3. Jochen Lillich Says:

    “I would never be willing to pay $30 for a small app”

    Well, then take a look at you will be paying $29.95 for AgileMessenger EVERY YEAR!

  4. hocki Says:


    I have been using an IM client from and so far I like it. It is free and offers some interesting things that for example AgileMessenger do not have.
    It is still in Beta and a bug with the backlight on Nokia E61 has appeared.
    I have been part off their vocie testing program and that works also good (though it is not free to call)

  5. matt Says:

    Keep in mind that IM+ is the only IM client that will work with T zones

  6. She's Says:

    I’ve used both an prefer IM+.
    There is still an open issue that they are working on as it relates to the BlackBerry Connect client and IM+. In a nutshell – you’ll need to shutdown the BlackBerry service for IM+ to work.

  7. Mark Tesch Says:

    Check out

    They offer a free IM Client and I have been using it on my E61:) it connects to both MSN and Yahoo Messanger at the same time:)

  8. shackk Says:

    Yes the bug is a major problem with the BB serivce and IM+. I sent in my imei number so they could set me up with a personalized version and I still have not received 😦

    My problem went as far as IM+ not working even with wifi and the BB service connection on. Found this very disappointing, so hopefully there will be a fix soon.

    I do agree $30 is excessive but right now there is a corner on the market and they and Agile have it. Although I dont care how good Agile is $30 a year is insane and I will never pay it.

  9. bublio Says:

    Been using Symbian phones for years. There’s only a few applications that I use often and consistently (killer app). One of them is Instant Messaging client.

    Some might point out that the PIM applications could benefit from some major functionality upgrade, but at the very basic they DO work. The built in IM application, on the other hand, DOES NOT work.

    I have used both Agile & IM+. In the end neither is free. But I do not regret paying money for an application that I use on a daily basis. I am using IM+. I have changed phones so many times and Shapeservices have been very quick in providing me new registration code.

  10. jake61 Says:

    I have Agile Beta and it’s free (and works very well). I probably wont update into the official version… If that works out 🙂

    You guys are correct about the price though.
    Also there are many other IM Clients see the sites for some you might want to check out:

  11. smurf Says:


    i used to be using agile beta but it suddenly did an auto update now it has an expiry date anyone know of any new betas for agile that can still be used? or alternatives for agile?

  12. blargh Says:

    For MSN just use QuickIM Express:

    Its free and doesnt connect through a proxy, been using it forever now on my E61

  13. bardicknowledge Says:

    Why do you use IM clients on your cellies? why not just leave your msn with an away message saying to call you?

  14. dansus Says:

    “bardicknowledge Says:

    Why do you use IM clients on your cellies? why not just leave your msn with an away message saying to call you? ”

    er.. cos i can chat several people at once on the move. (derr)

    I use IM+, nothing comes close to ease of use across multiple platforms. gtalk, msn, aim ect. Well worth the 19 pounds it cost me.

  15. Jay Says:

    Is there ANY WAY or ANY PROGRAM that allows me to use AIM for free??? I have looked everywhere and can’t find ONE DAMN PROGRAM. ARGH!

  16. Deepesh Says:

    got msn messenger live from msn china. Works gr8 on nokia e61. And its free

  17. jake61 Says:

    Jay, I do not use AIM thus I cannot help you with the question… but I belive that Agile, if you can find it for free, supports AIM.

    Currently I have the following IM Clients on my E61
    and no I don’t really use them… just trying to find best for MSN and GTalk
    1. MSN Messenger (from MSN China, search on E61life or E-Series for it)
    2. MORANGE (I love it, it does it all:
    3. Agile (still the beta version)
    4. Instango (had it but not sure if it’s that good)
    5. About to get GTalk from (search for it on the site if you wish)

    If any one of you has tried all of them and use MSN and GTalk yourself, please Comment or email 🙂

  18. Sebhelyesfarku Says:

    Agile looks like shit, it doesn’t use S60 UI standards.

  19. unmesh Says:

    where can i get free agile messanger i am not talkin about freetrial i want craked agile messanger ………advice

  20. jake61 Says:

    unmesh this site is not an illegal provider of cracked software.
    I believe that is a sin to steal things others create and try to get a little $$ with, you just “crack” and get for free.

    However, you can get Windows messenger, Morange and other apps for free which do the things that agile does… search for them on my blog if you wish. They are here ;-).

  21. megaman Says:

    Nowadays there is a lot of IM application for mobile phone. I have try out turbo MSN, etc.

    Up to now, I find out that there is a good application to share with you guys here. Anyone heard of mig33? The application allows us to use Instant Messenger [Yahoo, MSN, and AOL], cheap calls, SMS and chat room. You can have a try on the application at

    Other than that, the application is free to download. There will be only charges for GPRS usage [Telco charge] and mig33 will only charge for voice calls and SMS only. Others like chat room and IM are all free.

    After I notice about this application, I have deleted all my previous IM because I prefer to use this. Everything builds in one application. That’s sound great.

  22. tester Says:

    frings is the best chisce for wi-fi simbian homes …try it enjoy it

  23. Smit Says:

    I am using reporo one very good i’m software but much more. Its free.
    Try it out and see

  24. Tasha Says:

    Can someone help me with nokia e61 software? it can’t read pdb files

  25. Tasha Says:

    by the way i tried to download from this site
    but still my phone can’t read pdb files

  26. Wayne Says:

    I agree that Nimbuzz ( is best, it even supports my blackberry and I heared that Skype is now supported which I think is great. I have relatives and friends abroad, and use it to call them at local costs mobile to mobile (from pc to pc its free).

  27. You and me Says:

    What kind of comparison is that? I’ll tell you: it is complete rubbish. “Oh, my god, this app costs money! How bad! This one is for free – at least until it is finished. Oh, what a sweety!” What a waste of time to read that rubbish *vomit*

  28. srinivas Says:

    great research 🙂

  29. xbowo Says:

    i think ebuddy the best messenger it work nicely in my m600i

  30. Jasjar Says:

    used both apps. paid 45 dollars for agile messenger just to get a trial message that it will expire in 18250 days. Yes, they gave a lifetime access, but who in the hell is going to pay such and get an annoying message everytime i log in?

    Appwise: i’m using my connection 11 months in a “no-wifi” zone, so Ymessenger for pocket pcs wont work. Verdict : get the IM+ and not some software who will keep on reminding you to pay another 45 dollars after 50 years every time you use it.

  31. John Deroper Says:

    Dont like the trial myself

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  33. Dare Dorm account Says:

    Dare Dorm account

    IM+ vs. AgileMessenger | My (and your) E61

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