Sooner or later you’ll get SoonR

SoonR is a program for the computer that, when the program’s running you can have access to your files (and Skype etc as well) wirelessly over an internet connection.

Yeah it’s really nice! I personally found out about it through a blog about the E61 run by a owner from Russia, Pasha. Definitely see his site if you haven’t done so yet! Anyway, through SoonR you can sync your email etc that you have in MS Outlook on your computer…

It looks like this on the E61

SoonR on the E61

So head on to SoonR and get the thing going

PS: there is no app to install on your phone, it works through the Web (just go to on your phone and login to sync)

Update: Now there is a competitor Rocketalk, haven’t tired it but it sounds&seems good. (It works on S60, supposedly E61 as well)


One Response to “Sooner or later you’ll get SoonR”

  1. James Says:

    Use it on my E61i…. love it. And what was the competetion? I don’t see anyone giving phone to phone video messaging or even good quality voice messaging. I’m having fun.

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