E61 Firmware Update NOW ONLINE

The Nokia E61 Firmware update that all of us have been waiting for is NOW available ONLINE
That’s right, just click here to start the process (you can do it through your computer)

Just remember to save your data First because it deletes it all when you do this
More about the update can be found here:
Nokme.com and All things fony have articles about this worth checking if you’ve got the time


6 Responses to “E61 Firmware Update NOW ONLINE”

  1. James Says:

    I did the FW update, worked great! I had a few bugs with it freezing up but hopefully this will fix it

  2. Mark Rich Says:

    The updates does not work for all phones.

    On some phones the software will report that no update could be found. Nokia have no solution to this presently.

  3. Mathieu Says:

    Hi there !
    The update isn’t available for those (unfortunately I’m one of them) who purchased their e61 to a carrier (or some of them). These carriers modify the firmware to add their features… so we’ll have to wait for their own release of the update…

    Has anyone encountered freezings of the browser while using it on wlan mode ? The first two pages appear just perctly, and then it becomes randomly slow or freezes…
    I don’t understand (with the same connection, GMaps works just fine)…
    Any help would be much appreciated !

  4. Shahzeb Says:

    Please give me a proper link whare i can find the updete . Every one is just saying it is here but i can not nifnd any link for the update for my nokia e61.

  5. saidy Says:

    i what to update my phone E61

  6. ramadhani dizamile Says:

    i need to update my phone

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