The Good (and Bad) of the E61

The Nokia E61 is a really good smartphone, but I must admit that it does have some glitches. Hey! No one or nothing is perfect.Just a side not that some of the glitches have been fixed with the coming of the new firmware update available at a Nokia Service Center near you. Ok lets get to it, 

The Good:

In Calendar when you make a new entry and cursor is on an e. g. 11am entry the new entry’s time will be 11am too! Also, I found out recently (after I purchased my E61) that the E61 has two (internal) antennas, one for GSM, the other for 3G. (

What I also love is the design and materials used for the E61. I accidentally dropped the phone a week after purchase and I thought that it was done; maybe not totally broken but at least severely scratched. But what a surprise when I cleaned the dirt off the part that had hit the ground (concrete to be precise) I saw not a single scratch! I was SO happy because I thought that I had destroyed my brand new gadget. And last and (perhaps) the most important feature that we all appreciate is the Wi-Fi that this little (read compared to laptops) gadget has. Here are some screenshots of things that are good:

Good1 Good2


Now the Bad:-There are many bugs, you can read about them around the internet… One of many is that in the Web Browser, which itself is really awesome, sometimes when trying to Go to a web address it doesn’t show the Go to-button

what I do in this case is hold menu button untile it shows open apps then click back on Web. Here is some more that is from the Browser:

Bad5 Some other ones are the Standby screen not showing the selection key options as pictured below:


Also the Alarm show time one minute off when you set alarm (not the clock itself):


There are lots of other things too… Look at these:




Also You can contribute by submitting your (positive and negative) findings in the Comments of this post!


4 Responses to “The Good (and Bad) of the E61”

  1. Daniel Says:

    The E61 apparently have some rather nasty bugs but I have not seen any of them myself. Perhaps im a very lucky bug-free E61 owner 😛 Its the best phone ever for me. Lets hope the bugs stay away, shall we`? 🙂

  2. Larry Says:

    Nice blog! i have added it to my required reading list.


  3. Donato Says:

    Hi, sincerely with the new firmware I have seen to change one of the things that mostly interested me, and this is the audio
    the volume of the audio has lowered a lot and the regulations of the tones have to be rieseguite on every song.
    Then the istallation of the applications has become more difficulty, applications how first they were installed as for instance google maps now they are refused.
    and to end the keyboard shortcuts now you must have done using two hands
    I would like to resolve the matter of the audio, considering that use my e61 as reader mp3 every day

  4. SPChamp1 Says:

    Just a quick comment about the alarm being 1 minute off. Keep the following in consideration. If it 9:35pm and 20 seconds, and your alarm is set for 10:00, it would say that the alarm will sound in 24 minutes, which is correct because the phone takes into account the fact that you are already into the 35th minute by 20 seconds, but because that indicator flashes just 1 time, it is not going to give you the seconds as well, by telling you, 24 minutes and 40 seconds.

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